If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.
— Peace Pilgrim

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March 24, 2014
March 23, 2014
March 22, 2014

Do you understand how amazing it is to hear that from an adult? Do you know how amazing it is to hear that from anybody? It’s one of the simplest sentences in the world, just four words, but they’re the four hugest words in the world when they’re put together.

You can do it.

Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (via quoted-books)
March 21, 2014




Best attitude to life ever.

This is still one of the most badass scenes in cinema.


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March 20, 2014


I compiled some personal tactics and crowd sourced DIY remedies for the sads (clinical term) into a mini comic! Enjoy xoxo

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March 19, 2014

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March 18, 2014
“It doesn’t make sense to call ourselves ugly, because we don’t really see ourselves. We don’t watch ourselves sleeping in bed, curled up and silent with chests rising and falling with our own rhythm. We don’t see ourselves reading a book, eyes fluttering and glowing. You don’t see yourself looking at someone with love and care inside your heart. There’s no mirror in your way when you’re laughing and smiling and happiness is leaking out of you. You would know exactly how bright and beautiful you are if you saw yourself in the moments where you are truly yourself.”
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March 17, 2014
January 2, 2014

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January 1, 2014

A little reminder for the new year.

I hope you have had the time to sit down and reflect on what really, really matters and re-focus your priorities on them. Have a hair-raising, spine-chilling, fantawesomebulous one, folks!

December 2, 2013
“Be kind to yourself while blooming. I know sometimes it feels like your soul doesn’t always fit. It’s all a part of the process.”
Emery Allen  (via thatkindofwoman)

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October 29, 2013
October 28, 2013
October 27, 2013
sayingimages: Follow Saying images for more great quotes

sayingimages: Follow Saying images for more great quotes

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