If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.
— Peace Pilgrim

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January 25, 2012

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January 24, 2012

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January 23, 2012

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January 22, 2012
January 21, 2012
“There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path while others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be honored by your choice? Or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up.”
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January 20, 2012

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January 19, 2012
January 18, 2012
January 17, 2012
January 16, 2012

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January 15, 2012
January 14, 2012

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January 13, 2012

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January 12, 2012
One day.


There ain’t no mountain high or any valley low
I swear that I can move round any obstacle
My hands up to the sky, there ain’t no other way
I know that if I fall I’m gonna be ok, cause

One day
I’m gonna fly
I can do everything, be anything
One day
At a time..

Sometimes you can just let your life just pass you by while you sit waiting
So I’m gonna change my dreams, get the best of me…

~Jackie Boyz

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January 11, 2012

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